so tell me, have any you watched Diabolik Lovers? i finished in 1 day because it was so good and i need someone to fangirl with me

Anonymous: i'll try to not go out of my way to be nice to her its just that now shes changed so much and usually at my school u don't change till you've been there for a while

it happens. the best thing you can do is not waste your time on her

Anonymous: but i don't use facebook to talk to them and i actually stopped talking to a lot of people when they moved away i just miss them i wish they would come to visit but they don't

try to start talking to him again :) 

Anonymous: i saw a pic of these two guys again i miss them so much😭

everything will turn out fine xx

Anonymous: This girl she's being really mean to me when all i have ever been is nice to her what do i do

just avoid her and dont go out of your way to try and be nice to her

Anonymous: Are you in a relationship?

nope! im a lonely loser who runs a blog

Anonymous: I'm talking to this person and i'm being weird and i think they feel awks

if they keep talking to you they probably dont mind

Anonymous: Maybe i'm just crazy for liking this guy

you’re not :) 

Anonymous: he doesn't have either of those

then there isnt much you can do other than just move on

Anonymous: i'll just cherish the moment i did have then xx

:) xx

Anonymous: People use to tease me last year about this guy i didn't like him but i talked to him and then he moved he was so nice to me nicer then his brother but now i think of him and go wow everything is different without him and his brother i really miss him his brother not so much but he was alright

like i said to another anon you can always fb or skype him :)

Anonymous: i can't he doesn't have fb anymore and i don't think he has skype

call him then and if you cant do that just cherish the time you did have 

Anonymous: I met this guy i was in yr7 and then he ended up moving at the end of term 1 i think and i miss him

thats normal. missing people sucks but it happens to everyone. you can always skype or fb him :)

Anonymous: Yeah i do think it's best if i move on😭

im glad i could help :) xx

Anonymous: I just feel like he's gonna hate me i can't help it

im sure he wont and if he does than you dont need to waste your time on him :)

dear cas,