If I did unpopular opinions would people actually send me some?

Luke Hemmings or Nash Grier?

Anonymous: Luke hemmings or Nash Grier


Roman Godfrey or Peter Rumencek?

ririkirmizisi: Roman godfrey or peter rumencek

Roman Godfrey :)

Chris Collins or Taylor Caniff?

Anonymous: Taylor caniff or weeklychris

weeklychris :)

Anonymous: Evan woods or shane mason.

i cant find pictures of gifs of either of them! im sorry

Justin Timberlake or Eminem?

Anonymous: Justin timberlake or eminem

JT in the house!

Anonymous: Nash grier or cameron dallas

done this one :) i choose Cam xx

Evan Peter or Cameron Dallas?

Anonymous: Evan peters or cameron dallas

Evan :) xx

Ash Stymest or Cole Mohr?

hey-young-spirit: ColeMohr Or AshStimest

definitely Ash :)

dear cas,