Shawn Mendes or Jacob Whitesides?

Anonymous: shawn mendes or Jacob whitesides?

i love them both but i gotta go with shawn. real talk now, how is shawn 15? wtf man

-send me the names of two male celebs and i’ll make a gif set for the one i prefer!-

Colin Ford or Jon Cozart?

Anonymous: Jon Cozart or Colin Ford?
Anonymous: Can u send me a tumblr boy to have in my bed???

shipping is $9.99 and it will arrive within 6 working days!

He’s so pretty

Nick Bratanek (Pure Model Managament)


Thanks for the submission! if you guys have anything you want to submit please do!

Thanks for the submission! :)

thanks for the submission! check out his blog guys. i’m sure most of you will enjoy it

hey i thought you’d like these :)


thanks for the submission! check out these links!!

Jamie Campbell Bower everybody

Anonymous: Who's your favorite from o2l?

i want to say Connor but i can’t anymore so i guess JC

Anonymous: Finn Harries or Jack Harries ?

done! i choose both

hutchernz: all my friends are in relationships and it is really depressing...I am an outgoing person and talking to guys comes easily to me but I am yet to get a boyfriend and all my friends do and its really sad for me :(

you just haven’t found the right guy! don’t compare yourself to your friends because everybody’s different. one day a guy will come around and everything will be fine

ohmydelenaheartt: Ian Somerhalder or Paul Wesley?

done this! i choose Paul :)

dear cas,