Anonymous: i've already thought about it toooooo much

It will be fine! :)

Anonymous: How was ur day

My day was great! How was yours?? :)


Thanks for the submission :)

I haven’t posted much recently! :(

Anonymous: it does suck he was so nice but now he's sort of different

People change so just move on :)

Anonymous: There's this annoying girl she walks pass me and goes to my friends and says hi to them even when i'm right there i dislike her

You shouldn’t be annoyed at someone for no reason???

Anonymous: This boy i liked he turned into an annoying person

Awww that sucks :/

Anonymous: So I have this friend and she has always had this on and off friendship with me for years. And and this year we were actually getting along and she actually studied with me a lot during school. but ever since the summer she has ignored me and hasn't hit me up. I don't know what I should do because I feel like she doesn't like me and she only uses me for school.

If you feel that way then don’t waste your time on her

so tell me, have any you watched Diabolik Lovers? i finished in 1 day because it was so good and i need someone to fangirl with me

Anonymous: i'll try to not go out of my way to be nice to her its just that now shes changed so much and usually at my school u don't change till you've been there for a while

it happens. the best thing you can do is not waste your time on her

Anonymous: but i don't use facebook to talk to them and i actually stopped talking to a lot of people when they moved away i just miss them i wish they would come to visit but they don't

try to start talking to him again :) 

Anonymous: i saw a pic of these two guys again i miss them so much😭

everything will turn out fine xx

Anonymous: This girl she's being really mean to me when all i have ever been is nice to her what do i do

just avoid her and dont go out of your way to try and be nice to her

Anonymous: Are you in a relationship?

nope! im a lonely loser who runs a blog

dear cas,